Heading into Wednesday

26 Jul

Surprise: the Canon Powershot SX130 IS is available again at Amazon. Or so they claim. Looking forward to see if this one's CCD is without annoying "hot" pixels.

In other news, a friend volunteered to host a WoW Guild meeting on the upcoming weekend. By association, I volunteered (why?) to help out with ... carrying plates and moving benches, I guess. I brace myself for at least a bit of weirdness 🙂

With any luck, I might have the new camera in my hands by then...

Updated WP to 3.2.1 (no issues so far), shuffled some 60 GB of old video projects 2007-2010 off to an external drive, dumped about 10% of my 2011 inbox, ran two updaters and off to bed now. This is not an interesting blog.

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