New car, older than the old car

18 Mrz

Commuting doesn’t need a big car, and while my 5-year-old box on wheels with the aerodynamics of a shelf unit was just about all the car I needed, some other things came up and I decided to make some changes. So I went all out and bought one that is very much like these:

My last laptop cost more than this. Odometer says it’s from 1997 and has 123,000-ish kilometers under the belt, but it seems to be holding up quite well. We’ll see how long it’s going to last.

My idea was something like, “I can either buy one car for, I dunno, 20,000 bucks and hope it’ll hold up for the next decade, or buy one rust bucket every other year and spend the same or less money while sampling a whole lot of different cars.”

Time will tell if this is brilliant or bollocks.

(Update, 2016: Switched off comments, seems to be prime spambait this one)