Triple play @ the movies: Rio, Paul & the Mechanic

23 Apr

Listed in viewing order:

Rio -

Lots of screaming primary colors, the 3D was well done, no jarring transitions. It was okay, though nothing to write home about - to me. Your mileage may differ, it's just that I handle badly all the translated lyrics and the overall musical style. The studio was gunning for the broadest demographics, obviously.

Paul -

Awesome. This movie day's winner, hands down. Very british, though it obviously plays in the U.S. midwest. Lots of in-jokes, quite some twists, almost mandatory second viewing required. Also required: robust humor and tolerance to cursing. If you liked Hot Fuzz and/or Shaun of the Dead, this one should go on your viewing list.

The Mechanic -

Lots of Boom, lots of shaky camera, pretty high level of violence and bloodshed, and a cop-out ending-after-the-ending. 93 minutes of action and/or gloomy stares. Meh.

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