Dripstone cave in my lavatory

23 Apr

One of the sights you just don't need to come home to (and no, I don't mean the ugly tiling):

The smell of wet wallpaper, and beneath it, this kind of infrastructure failure. Also, the owner of the flat above mine has his doorbell disconnected, and it's the Saturday before Easter (read: no-one in reach for fixing this effin' mess until Tuesday).

Good thing is this is the room used only for the washing machine, and the floor has a drain so any kind of water making its way through (notice the droplets in the second picture) won't do further harm. And, frankly, I don't care if they need to crack open the wall and knock down the tiles in there, they're 30 years old and ugly.

Did I mention I'm a big fan of accessible pipes and cables, i.e. laid into ducts with removable covers or just in plain sight, instead of cemented in?


It's fixed! The plumber I called on Saturday afternoon deduced that the water dripping from my ceiling was actually coming from, like, above, then was able to talk my neighbor-above into opening his door, then proceeded to drill the sh** out of my neighbor's wall and found the culprit, a tiny tear in the copper tube leading to said neighbor's sink. Kudos to the guy, because not only did he fix it the same Saturday evening, but he also put one of those industry-grade blow dryers in my affected room. The machine's been busy chewing away at my electricity bill (judging by the meter, its one week of operation should easily double expenses for the whole month), and has so far produced an underwhelming amount of condensed water, which leads me to believe we caught the rupture just in time.

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