Days like sh**

16 Apr

Got a call from a friend. Needs some special connector cable, fast. Found it, drove there, cut my hand on the door frame, delivered the cable, then while waiting for the result got ... ahem ... defecated on by a [insert expletive here] bird.

There’s the reason I don't like the outdoors, right there.

Next thing I know, I’m in a queue at the exit of the underground parking because the first guy in line forgot to pay his ticket before driving up to the gates. He spends the next minutes searching for the checkout, only to find he needn’t pay after all (60 minutes free and all that). Once he’s back in his car, the gates won’t accept his card.


Main reason for that is his car hasn’t moved for quite some time, and the floor sensor says it’s not there at all.

Had  a chance to help him out, which I did, so I finally managed to get home and stuff my soiled jacket into the washing machine. Also, unrelated, some day I hope to find out why Apple’s Time Machine decides to do a full backup of one particular disk, and to do so just about every other day. According to specs, it should do this once a month or something, tops.

So much for Saturday.

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